I’ve Got a Bone to Pick With Narcissism and a Few to Break

What is this really about?

This is about the changing of the seasons and my frustration.

I live in my own head, at least it’s warm in here.

The biggest problem with my generation is the fact we feel the need to constantly capture every single moment no matter how unexceptional it is. I am of course guilty of this, we all are. Everyone with an Instagram that feels the insatiable need to photograph their elegantly disheveled hair with just the hint of X-Pro II is the problem.  See Also: Decline of Myspace

I am the problem.

This is the pot calling the kettle black.

Our generation feels the need to let people we know where we are using geo-caching applications. These applications you use end up using you. Never in human history have we been so transparent. In turn, human interaction has never been so artificial. When was the last time you were out with friends and no one used their phones, even for a brief moment?  I am scared for the human race and the future of communication. We have all this technology at our fingertips and we create things like Google Glass and smartphone-esque applications on our watches, who needs that? Who really NEEDS that?

We need to interact more instead of wasting time rotting away watching crappy sitcoms on Netflix instant. See Also: How you lose brain cells

I guess this is a rant, I haven’t put anything up on this blog for a long time. The other blog has received a lot more love and I’d like to use this as an outlet to rant/talk about whatever I feel like.


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