about 730 days.

This is about the changing of the seasons. This about how you spent the last two years of your life and how you plan to move onto the next several decades. This is about living in the city and starting to despise the fact. This is about waiting for that one mythical second you envisioned as a child where you become and feel like an actual adult, the one that never arrived.  This is about walking alone and night and feeling that lump in your throat when you’re listening to that song and find yourself blinded by streetlights. This is about my being overdramatic.  This is also about my inability to differentiate between sheer coincidence and this grand scheme we call life. This is about how lucky you are sometimes. This is about accountability. This is about panic attacks and feeling like you’re a prisoner in your house. This is about horrible roommates and thieves. . This is about those friendships you let fall by the wayside. This is about those you wish you hadn’t. This is about how everyone is changing. This is about getting your life in order. This is about parallels. This is about how I’ve found myself here. This is about looking back on an entire year and wondering how much you’ve actually changed. This is about contractions and repetition. This is about taking a second to appreciate everything you have and not letting go of that feeling for one single second.


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