One of the many reason I cannot stand Justin Bieber

My tumblr addiction is becoming less severe by the day. However I felt the need to briefly check my dashboard today and came across this gem.

Not only does Justin Bieber have control over the hormones of girls aged 9-17 (or older in some cases) but he’s not going away. HE IS NOT GOING AWAY. Until this kid’s voice drops or he is caught smoking saliva he is going to continue to be in my face a lot more than I’m comfortable with. I understand the whole boy band phenomena. I was a 90s kid and had an odd crush on Taylor Hanson (what was I thinking?). Anyway, Taylor Hanson never had the fan base Mr. Bieber seems to have gathered. A 3D movie? Really America? Of course his songs are catchy, he doesn’t write them. The scariest part of Bieberdom is probably the “Bieliebers”. Yes, they went there. The Bieliebers worship Justin Bieber like a cult leader.

Back to the shirt, I can’t imagine any sane parent buying this for their child. If your child is relying on marrying Justin Bieber to live comfortably then you should probably reevaluate your parenting abilities. When your brother is a brain surgeon and you’re living at home still pining over Justin Bieber at age 23 maybe you’ll realize you should have done your homework. In short, maybe you should say never. Okay Justin, we get it. You throw parties at Usher’s. (I can’t imagine Usher and Justin Bieber meeting organically in the first place) We get that you want there to be one less lonely girl. But please, get out of my twitter feed and stay off my TV, I’m sick of you.

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