my life as a sidewalk.

There is so much beauty in the world, almost too much for any of us to see in an entire lifetime. Most of it does not hit us until we really open our eyes. A lot of people my age seem to be living with sunglasses on. Their vision and the events occurring around them are dimmed. Once we open our eyes we see how much beauty is really present at all times. From the seemingly post-apocalyptic  slums of Detroit to the view from my front porch, there is beauty. The clouds in the night sky part to reveal the glorious light emitting from the moon above.

The seasons change exactly like we do. Who you were is not who you were a year ago. Who you are now is a more mature version of your former self. Who you are now is yourself version 2.0 in this ever changing vessel you call you body. Some of us do not treat these vessels the way we should. We damage these vessels with alcohol and other toxins. Luckily our bodies are resilient and can withstand this abuse we put them through. Just like our souls our bodies can take the pressure and the pain we cause them. It is slightly ironic how we say we do these things to have fun and live when it is our very vessels we are damaging.

The sidewalks you walk on will never be the same. On these sidewalks cracks form and are fixed only to be broken again. Very much like the sidewalks we walk on we are always changing. We will be forever changing. The decisions we make shape our being. The constant being the human need for love that is felt universally.We walk down the sidewalk of life through the cracks to the end of the block to the curb that signals changes both positive and negative.

I would like to think that at age twenty-one my optimism is at its very peak right now. I now see what is ahead of me.I see the end of this block and want to leap feet first onto the next one. There is no choice but to go forward. If you are not going forward then what are you doing? There is plenty of sidewalk that welcomes you. It welcomes you to explore it, to feel the cracks, to see the grass creeping up under it, but then always to recover. I can see for miles.


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