Sent from my Carcinogenic device

Earlier today I received a push-notification that would forever impact my wireless habits (only not really). The World Health Organization as of today now compares cell phones in the same category of hazardous materials such as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform. So what does this mean to an avid iPhone user such as myself? Absolutely nothing. I will continue to check twitter, the book, my email, and the rest of the apps that somehow justify my ridiculous AT&T bill each month.  sigh. I swear when my contract is over I’m getting an old school phone or just living off the grid. (Those who know me well know how much of a joke this really is). A Motorola flip phone my mother bought me for Christmas one year was the start of this deadly cycle. After that I moved on to the notorious Sidekick. Anyone who was anyone had one of these poorly engineered devices. Of course you weren’t cool unless your photos had that terrible purple “sidekick tint” to them. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy had one and I was an impressionable teenager, what what you have done? Sidekicks were also great for one thing specifically: AIM. Leaving an away messages riddled with horrible emo lyrics was never easier! Of course down the line I am almost POSITIVE all those hours “Via Hiptop” will have an adverse effect on my health. Of course one day I drowned my Sidekick LX in a sink and ever since then I have been playing with fire via iPhone. You can’t tear me away from this thing (except of course during social gatherings, family events, and other events where cell phone usage is frowned upon…also when I don’t feel like talking to anyone). I will continue to play with fire by using my iPhone. I will survive.


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