random thoughts for Valentine’s Day 2011

I am content to wait. I’m content to wait for something amazing

I have such high standards when it comes to people I date. I completely believe in chivalry with every ounce of my heart.

I visited my great-grandmother (my nanny)  last night and we had some long talks. The one part that really stood out to me was the story of how she met my grandfather.

My great-great-grandfather (my nanny’s father) was in the army and was stationed in Virginia. Also, in the army was my great-grandfather Oliver Wilson. Well, my great-great-grandfather had a picture of my nanny and the whole family and apparently Oliver thought my nanny was a catch (obviously us Wilson and Boyer women have that in common). Anyway, Oliver asks my great-great-grandfather for my nanny’s name, Loretta and her address to write each other letters. Over the next 6 months or so many many letters were exchanged between Oliver and Loretta. They pretty much fell in love with each other without even so much as hearing each others’ voices. When they all came back from the army, Oliver finally met Loretta and according to her my grandfather proposed the 2nd day after meeting her. They lived happily ever after and had many children.  This is one of the few happy and healthy marriages I’ve observed through the years including my mother and father. My father passed away in 2002 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. The last several months he could not remember anyone’s name and it was a very hard and sad thing to watch. My grandfather was a big fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and we have that in common. I remember he would always love to watch baseball and watching it with him is one of the strongest memories I have of him. Now my grandmother tries to keep her mind busy by sewing, playing cards, and watching the game show network. She is a special lady and I get so scared as the years go by.

Although it is 2011, I still feel like there is a perfect gentleman out there that is worth my time and a space in my life.

I like nerdy men. I like men who can make me laugh and have manners. I like men who can  deal with the fact I make up my own rules when it comes to punctuation on an informal medium such as this blog. I like cute men. There! I said it. I like glasses as well. I like men who care about the world around them. Who likes music more along the lines of Death Cab rather than death metal. Who likes and is willing to watch documentaries with me. Who is a listener. Who isn’t a drug addict and doesn’t like to drink a lot. I don’t believe in drugs, I want to work for the FBI or at the very least a police department and I can’t risk doing such stupid things to my body.  Besides, why would I want to cloud my brain with drugs? I have great ideas! I like men who aren’t 5,000 miles away. I like watching movies and think I’m the most hilarious girl on the planet most of the time. I enjoy corny jokes. I like men who won’t pressure me. I like men who don’t lie to me. I like this Mansions album. I have ADD sometimes. I over analyze things more than most. I like cuddling. I wear my glasses when I need to. I read the newspaper and the majority of the time my television is on either: netflix, CNN, or showtime. I work at a grocery store. I preside over the self-checkouts the majority of the time and this has given me greater patience and people skills.  I read. I don’t understand the obsession behind Twilight or other popular young adult fiction. I’m not particularly religious. I believe in God or a higher power but haven’t exactly worked out the specific details. I want to be a criminologist. I almost went to Florida to go to school for graphic design then got real-life experience and realized I would only like to pursue it at a freelance level. I find things like CSI, Bones, Dexter, and Law and Order very entertaining. I have vivid dreams. I don’t really enjoy getting flowers for a holiday or my birthday because they end up dying. I find symbolism. I develop crushes on people for the dumbest reasons. I love making juice. I think I could classify myself as an audiophile. I am a bit more than casually obsessed with music. I wake up earlier than anyone else I know. I go to a community college because it’s financially logical. I need to find a school that has criminology for fall. I love summer and autumn the most. I love snow! I’m shy when it comes to dating. I think too much. If you’ve already read this far, pat yourself on the back, I salute you. A ridiculously large percentage of the photos on my iPhone are of my cat. My brother is 14 and plays the guitar better than I ever did. I love candles.  I am turning 21 on May 8th, 2011. I am not even really excited for this birthday. I hope to find someone interesting in the next 364 days.


2 thoughts on “random thoughts for Valentine’s Day 2011

  1. Joel says:

    When we first started chatting, I think this was the most recent post you had made, and, reading it again, it still floors me. The story about your great-grandparents is incredible. At that time, there was only about half or a third as many people on earth as there are now, which is crazy to think about, and why I think everyone seems so picky these days. No one is “forever alone” because no one loves them, it’s because they’re not willing to maintain relationships with the people that interest and excite them.

    Anyway, with the common use of (and oversharing on) the internet, the same scenario as with your great-grandfather is playing itself out with increasing frequency. People are meeting online, sharing interests, and falling in love every day. The problem–and I’ll relate this to your list of ideal characteristics–is that our internet personas only allow us to connect through mediated communication. Think about your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Tumblr log, and other places you share your self and personality. In my case (and I think maybe yours too), it’s a manifestation of who I am below the surface. On paper, we should get along so well, it’s ridiculous. But I’ve hung out with people that I had more in common on the internet with, and I’ve had mixed results–one person, we ended up hating each other so much, we’ve lost all contact since meeting. Mediated communication doesn’t tell you if someone talks too much, too little, too loudly or quietly, acts awkwardly (well, more than we consider normal awkwardness, at least), or if they’re an asshole, bitch, dick, slut, or any other unacceptable stereotype that you would not expect.

    What does it mean? I don’t know, maybe take everything with a grain of salt, never give up, and don’t ever, for a single second, be anything other than who you really are? That sounds about right, but I always think too much into things when I write. I’m not really this philosophical in person.

    • ashleyboyer says:

      This is very true. Our internet personas are only what we WANT to show. I could secretly be a serial killer but if I didn’t tell you that then how would you know? The internet doesn’t show your real personality
      and I think this is the problem with “meeting” someone online. Sure there are people I feel would get along with very well with due to a lot of like interests and what not (also due to the fact I’m a sucker for someone who likes the same things as me….how superficial) but at the same time getting to know them online is kind of only showing their outer shell. It’s not showing me the 3 bodies they have buried in their basement or their severe crippling social awkwardness. Only when you get over the fact this person likes the same weird music you like and what not do you actually begin viewing them for who they really are and how they act in PERSON. But yes. I enjoyed the feedback 🙂

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