insomnia: you don’t have it.

There is a site out there called tumblr. Tumblr is a website that encourages it’s users to post blog entries, pictures, videos, and other media. You can make your own original content and have it “reblogged” or “liked”

Also, a large chunk (98% of the tumblr community as found by fake research done by me suggests) aren’t original at all. These people are the ones who deem it necessary to post pictures of cats, food, and 70 pound girls drinking. Personally, I never understood why you would post pictures like that. I mean cats, of course are a hot commodity in the tumblr community and my little guy sir Cozworth aka Cozzy has made quite a few appearances on the site. Food, it is common place to see an astounding amount of cupcakes on the tumblr at any given point in time on tumblr for reasons unknown to me. I may be the only person in the world who isn’t really a big fan of cake.   I support everyone in their choice of pastries but pastry preferences aside, tumblr is a pretty bleak shallow pond of creativity. Albeit, there are people who use tumblr to post orginal content,. For instance, a woman I took a class with last semester has a blog where she takes and posts a picture for every day of the year of her family. This is a really cool way to use tumblr to do something other than post pictures of illicit substances and Mary-Kate Olsen.

(figure 1. a popular feline on social networking site, Sir Cozworth “Cozzy” Boyer)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, people who think they have insomnia.

A girl I follow posted something about this earlier in the  week and it kind of struck me.  Let me preface this by saying that I pretty much wake up at 5:30-6am everyday. I always seem to have prior obligations such as school or work which I prefer to get out of the way so I can have a more productive day. I have become a morning person and I love it.  However, when I was younger I had depression, and could pretty much only sleep with use of sleeping pills, seroquel was what got to sleep in middle school/early high school. It was a terrible time in my life because I couldn’t sleep. My health wasn’t even as close to as good as it is now either due the lack of support my immune system was getting. Eventually as I got older I learned to limit caffeine intake, eat better (for the most part), and channel my depression into more interesting things like the countless books I’ve started all through high school and never finished. I’d learn to play songs on my guitar and write songs as well. I had a nice creative outlet in which to channel some of this negative energy.

There are people out there who spend literally the entire night on the internet.  They go to sleep when it’s light out, sleep until 5 at night then complain they have insomnia. You don’t have insomnia, you have a messed up sleeping pattern. You probably get more sleep than me just because you’re lazy. I happen to know a couple people like this and I’m not writing it to offend them at all. I just need somewhere to vent. Personally, when I can’t sleep I put on something like Explosions in the Sky. It’s very atmospheric and relaxing. I can’t read to fall asleep like most people because I LOVE to read. My brain will just keep going if I do that. I also have grown to the point where I am no longer afraid of my room being completely dark (a huge step for me being 20 years old). I understand the internet can be quite an addiction for some people and if you are one of these people who are affected by the internet so much that it negatively affects your daily life, maybe seeking help isn’t so bad. I know how to control my internet problem for the most part but things like twitter are just so appealing because they’re so readily available due the popularity of these sites via a an application component easy to download on most smartphones. I have a lot to say, I think too much for my own good, and am ridiculously opinionated. I know my limits though.

In closing, I’d like to state that calling yourself an insomniac isn’t cool, it never was. Walking around with dark circles under your eyes isn’t a cute look for anyone, believe me.


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