today I was browsing my old blogspot and xangas from 2005-2010

one entry that really caught my attention was one from May 7th, 2005 (the eve of my 16th birthday).

See normal 15 year olds would be oh so “stoked” on the eve of their 16th birthday but me? No full of angst.

see below:


Currently Watching

there’s a note i left for you
the ink on the paper
screams  you’re so fucking pretentious

.there’s a cycle to all of this
…it’s the same things everyday
it repeats when it gets tired.
new things get added into the equation
new people new personalities, new ideas
it’s never gonna stop, i wouldn’t want it to anyway
kid you aren’t gonna start a revolution
stop trying
you actually think that none of the billions of people who lived before you haven’t thought of your “brilliant” idea?
keep dreaming.. kid keep dreaming
i am sick of allergies and hot weather
the world should always be pollen free and a temperature of 65 at the most
i love overcast


All of these blog entries are too hilarious for words. I really do not know how I had friends at this point time.


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