So whilst downing an iced blueberry coffee (extra blueberry) and listening to the Wonder Years, I came across something relatively alarming. Eager to get the “Baggage Handler” badge on foursquare (and Swarm which I finally got), I checked into Philadelphia International Airport using foursquare. I thought next to nothing of it. I LOVE airports! I love all the people watching opportunities because who doesn’t to some degree? Well anyway, foursquare gave me the option to see the other 48 people who were there and checked into the airport using foursquare as well. I personally am not NOT creepy. But apparently some people here are.

One particular character really dared to push the limits. This man had the audacity to not only look through the other people at the airport but, selected me (one of many females I am sure) to check out my foursquare profile. This links to my Facebook and twitter as well. He somehow managed to segway into yet another one of my web presences by tapping the Facebook icon. Luckily I am smart enough to make my profile private viewable only to my friends and friends of friends I believe. But that aside, he thought it would for some reason be a fantastic idea to shoot me a message.

[Here is the message, note the identity of the perpetrator has been censored out of respect.]


Yes, he saw me at the airport, what a connection we have. I saw several hundred people today at this airport in only the E terminal. Even quite a few cute nerdy boys (my favorite), however…I would never dream of sending such a message to a total stranger.

Next, where am I headed? If this goes the way he wants it to, I will probably end up in a garbage bag by sundown. I can see the  headline now: “Foursquare killer strikes in airport”.

Actually looking at his profile on Facebook (I can creep on people who creeped on me, it’s allowable) I discover he graduated in 1997. In 1997, I was seven years old. Let’s just use that example to put this into perspective. I get that I’m such an incredibly good looking individual (ha) but really, there are boundaries. I can admit I’ve facebook requested someone who was a friend of a friend or something silly like that but not for quite some time. I welcome friend requests via facebook as long as I a)know you b)know someone who does know you and you seem like a pretty cool individual or c)you are Michael Cera. There’s something about this socially awkward Canadian that I just find remarkably appealing. Sure, he is probably an arogant jerk in real life but a girl can dream can’t she? More on my dream man on a later day because I am SURE you are all dying to know. Back to the topic at hand: mild cyber stalking.

Lesson learned: do not do it.

I started this the 29th waiting to see my best friend in Georgia and am presently finishing it 30,000 feet in the air thanks to gogo-inflight. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe  holiday and spent it with your closest friends and family. 🙂

I would also like to give a shout-out to Kathy, the friendliest Delta agent at the Atlanta airport who gave my frantic self some solace this morning after I had a bit of a panic attack after misplacing my wallet containing all of my vital documents. Kathy saved me $50 and made my day. Thank you Kathy, I salute you!

If any of you are looking for music suggestions, I would highly suggest Knapsack, most notably their album This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now. They’re a bit older but pretty alright.

That’s all for now and feel free to follow me on twitter!



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